Profile Build-UP

Profile Build-UP

1. Extra-curriculars -

Students are often confused about extra-curricular, Frequently Asked Questions about ECs are:
Q1. Which activities are considered extra-curricular activities?
Q2. How can I enhance my ECs?
Q3. How to showcase our ECs to universities?
Here is the answer to all your queries-
ECs are all those activities that make you feel happy and for which you are passionate. It can be anything, even taking care of street dogs or
sketching. Having a lot of extracurricular doesn’t matter. The thing that matters is how much you have excelled in it. ECs include:
1. Sports ( football, archery, basketball, badminton, etc.)
2. Music (instrument, vocal)
3. Volunteer
4. Global issue solving 5. Art and Craft And more.
Now, you can enhance it by talking to professionals, taking part in competitions and any other way about which you can think.
Finally, the most important thing is to showcase it to your university. SOPs, essays, and activities section of common app are means through which you can showcase it. Talk about yourself and your passions in your essays.

2. Online Learning with verified certificates -

This is the easiest thing which you can do , if you have money to invest in your skills. Get yourself enrolled in one or more online courses on edx, udemy, Coursera, or any other website. This is the way in which you can prove your passion for your stream. Top universities usually look for students who do not waste their time and utilize their time not only in school academics but also in other skillful courses

3. Internships -

This is the most important but time taking activity you can pick up. International internships help you improve your communication skills, creativity, and gives an exposure to the work. But, you need to punctual, hard-working, and creative. You can find both fully funded internships as well as remote internships which can be either paid or unpaid. Completing an internship has two benefits -
1. You have experience and a higher level of skills.
2. If they like your work, you will get a LOR as well.

4. Side Hustle-

This is an out-of-the-box cool activity

A side hustle may sound a bit hard to accomplish sort of idea. Yes, you are right, it really depends on your luck and hard work but once established pays a huge amount of money which you as a student can invest in your studies and many other things such as your phone, toys, Netflix.

If you follow our guide, there is no chance that you will not be able to make money online without spending much of your time in this.

5. Olympiads-

This is the most recognized facet of your activity column.

Olympiads help you to showcase your excellence in a subject as well as your ability to stand out from other students in that subject.

There are many international as well as national olympiads available. You can search for the best national olympiad on International Olympiad include -
1. International Mathematical Olympiad
2. International Chemistry Olympiad
3. International Olympiad of IT And many more.
Try for these, only and only if you consider yourself to be a master in the subject.

6. Science competitions -

If you have an idea or a project, then this is for. You can showcase your invention or idea in national as well as international science fairs. But for this, you need to apply early in January - March.

Prominent international competitions include -
1. Regeneron Science Talent Search.
2. Breakthrough Junior Challenge.
3. Google science fair.
If you win in any of these or even become a finalist, no one can stop you from getting into top universities.

7. Summer Programs-

These are just to utilize your summer holidays in a very productive thing.

Summer school programs are short-term programs for school students. It offers the development of self-reliance and independence. . In the summer programs, students from various countries and cultures meet and acquire knowledge of various cultures.

The best summer school programs- Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS)
Scientific Research Institute (RSI)
Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES)

8. Research-

This is not at all easy to do a thing. You need to have some experience or a guider who can help you with research work and all.

In India, IIT Research Internships are the best option for any research work.