50 International Scholarships must apply to study abroad

Numbers of international scholarships are offered annually. Even if you missed the scholarship deadline last year or this year don’t worry apply it now!!!!!!

• United states:-

•Foreign Fulbright student program-  Is a full scholarships for international students wants to pursue a master’s or phd degree in usa. The scholarships gives them award for non-degree postgraduate studies. They cover tuition fee, textbooks, airfare, a living stipend, and health insurance.

•Au Emerging global leader scholarship program- This scholarship gives to high-achieving international students who are dedicated to civic and social change and social change and who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree offered at the American university.

•ICSP Tuition scholarships at university of oregon- International students who demonstrate financial need and exceptional merit may apply for the international cultural service program(ICSP) at the university of oregon.

•Humphrey fellowship program-  The Hubert H.Humphrey Fellowship program provide a year of professionals from designated countries throughout the world. Students are selected by there potentials.

•AAUW International fellowships- Aauw (Formely know as the american association of university women ) awards international fellowships for full-time study for research in the us to women who are not us citezen and permanent residence the scholarship are worth $18000 for masters 20000 for phd and $30000 for post doctorial students.

• Canada:-

•UBC International leader of tomorrow award- University of british columbia (UBC) provides bachelors scholarships for talented secondary and postsecondary international students from around the world. The value of awards is Commensurate with demonstrated financial need upto full tuition cost for the relevant program of study and living expenses

•University of manitoba graduate fellowships- UMGF are merit based awards that are open to students of any rationality who will be registers as full time graduate students masters or phd completed at the university of manitoba. The fellowships are valued at dollar 18 thousand for phd students or dollar 14000 For masters student for a 2 month period.

•Vanier canada graduate scholarships- The VCGS was created to attract and retain world class doctoral student and to set canada as a global center of excellence in research and higher studies the scholarships are towards a doctoral degree or combined ma phd and md phd at participating canadian universities the scholarship is worth $50000 per year for 3 years.


Australian awards college Australia was scholarship formerly known as Australia development scholarship ((ads) scholarship for international students from selected countries in Asia Pacific Africa and Middle East who want to study at Australia University under scholarship are towards vocational education and training courses undergraduate degree college graduate degree and PhD degrees at participating after University and Technical and further education 10ft institute and the scholarship benefits in generally include filter is written air travel establishment allowance contribution to Indian expenses clp overeas student health cover for HTC atc.

Underwear postgraduate scholarship awards the underwear postgraduate scholarship awards for provide full financial support for international students from around the world to undertake a postgraduate qualification of a master or bsd level either by Course work or research in any field of study in Australia the scholarship included tuition fees travel allowance established Gardens months stipend health and travel insurance

Macquarie University Vice Chancellor International scholarship the Macquarie University Vice Chancellor International scholarship provides personal tuition fee scholarship for outstanding students to study and undergraduate or postgraduate degree at the Macquarie University North Campus and scholarship amount is where it up to AUD dollar 10000

La trobe academic excellence scholarship for international students last for academic excellence scholarship a as are targeted toward higher shaving international students from all countries across all of the jobs undergraduate and postgraduate coursework program the scholarship is worth $20 10000-20000 and goes to a tuition fees

Melboure research scholarship was established by the University of Melbourne and it is awarded to high achieving domestic and international research for the benefit of the Melbourne research scholarship was depending on your circumstances and may include one or more following fortnightly living allowance, relocation allowance, paid sick, maternity and parenting leave,, full fee remission international students only and overseas student health cover.

University of Sydney International scholarship the University of Sydney invoice candidate who are eligible to undertake a postgraduate research degree or Masters by research program at the University to apply for the University of Sydney International research scholarship the international Sydney International scholarship will cover tuition fees and the living allowance for up to three years.

International the University of Adelaide scholarship International program to attract high quality international postgraduate students to area of research trends in the University of Adelaide to support its research effort the scholarship in your school tuition fees and living allowance and health insurance.

• United Kingdom:-

Chevening scholarship the UK Government Global scholarship program are awarded to outstanding Scholars from clearing eligible countries around the world. Awards are typically only for a one year masters degree most chevening scholarship covers tuition fees and level allowance at a reset rate for one individual and economic class return airfare to the UK and additional Grand to cover essential expenditures around 1,500 scholarship globally are being offered.

Commonwealth scholarship the Commonwealth scholarships are intended to study for students for from developing Commonwealth countries who want to pursue Masters and PhD study in the UK this is scholarships are funded by the UK department for international development (DFID) is scholarship provide airfare to and from United Kingdom tuition and examination fees personal maintaining allowance thesis Grand if applicable and initial arrival allowance among others.

Rhodes scholarships at University of Oxford Established in the will of CeciL roads in 1902 and the rhodes is oldest and perhaps the most prestigious International scholarship program in the world the rose scholarships are postgraduate Award that supports exceptional international students from selecting country at the university of oxford. A Rhodes scholarship covers all university fees, personal stipend, health insurance, and airfare to and from the student’s home country.

Gate Cambridge scholarships

Gate Cambridge the scholarship cover the full cost of study at Cambridge namely the university is composing fee and college fees at the appropriate rate a maintenance allowance for a single students, one economics in Gulf Air at both the beginning and the end of the course and ANR V visa cost.

Westminster International scholarships University of Westminster award scholarship to eligible students from many developing countries who wants to study in the UK and wants to pursue a full-time master’s degree in any wealth of student study offers at the University of Westminster and the scholarship Awards full tuition fee waiver accommodation living expenses and fly to and from London.

Developing solutions for scholarship at University of Nottingham the developing solution scholarship scholarships are design for international students from Africa and India or one of the developing countries of the Commonwealth who want to study a Master’s degrees at the University of Nottingham and make a difference to the development of their home country is 705 scholarships are awarded a scholarship tuition fees.

Edinburgh global development Academy scholarship  The University of Edinburgh number offers Masters scholarships for international students from the least developing countries as well as UK in EU students towards eligible Masters programs offered by the University the masters scholarship will cover the ovary is rate of tuition fees for students and The Home The Great out of the tuition fees for UK and EU students.

DAAD Scholarships with relevance to developing countries(Germany)

The scholarships with irrelevance to developing country Germany and the German academic exchange service they provide scholarships for a range of postgraduate course with special reference to developing country of Germany Germany University and the scholarships are especially targeted to the international students and young professionals from developing country in Africa Asia Pacific Islands and South America and Central and Eastern Europe BA colleges suppose selected programs and a variety of full or partial scholarships

Netherlands fellowship program Netherland fellowship program and promotes capacity building with organ is station in 51 countries by providing Fellowship is intended to supplement the salary that student should continue to receive during the study period and the allowance is a contribution towards the cost of living the cost of tuition fees wheelers Travels insurance and thesis research.

Swedish institute study scholarship students the Swedish Institute provides scholarships in Sweden is a highly qualified international students from developing countries who want to pursue full time master studies at the University and the scholarship covers tuition fees living expenses some grant and insurance.

VLIR-UOS scholarship awards Belgium this scholarship awards to students from 54 developing countries in Asia Africa and Latin America to pursue and English taught training your Masters program related to development at universities in Belgium and the scholarship cover tuition please accommodation allowance travel cost and other programs related cost.

Eiffel excellence program scholarship program France Eiffel scholarship programme was created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as tool to allow French higher education institute to attract the best foreign students for Masters and PhD degree programs and the Asia scholarship holders receive a monthly allowance and different expenses such as return trip health insurance and cultural activity it does not cover tution fees.

Quota scholarship schemes Norway Norwagian government provide scholarship for students from developing country in the south and countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the Kota scheme the scheme normally includes courses at the masters and DHT levels in addition to certain professional degree offered by a State University and college in Norway each student receives the same amount of money as the Norwegian students what they do in an equivalent education programme about 40% of the amount is given as a grant and 60% as well known however the loan portion is waived when the students return to his or her home country after completing the course of studies.

Excellent scholarship for foreign students The Swiss government excellence scholarship program provides graduate from 180 countries with the opportunity to pursue doctor at postdoctoral research in an academic field at one of the public funded University are recognised institute in Switzerland is called the covers of monthly allowance tuition fees Health Insurance closing 11 sec 17 leading University as well as discussed in the land The Lincoln University scholarship program is open to all standing non EU students enrolling in the master’s degree program offered at leading University scholarship come in the form of following Euro 10000 after tuition fee and dollar 15000 of the tution bi a total tuition fee – the home fees and etc.

Amsterdam excellence scholarship Netherlands Amsterdam excellence scholarship Aas awards scholarships to exceptional talent students from outside the age to pursue eligible Masters programme officer at the University of Amsterdam and they is a fully is called full scholarship of dollar Euro 25000 covering and living expenses.

University of Maastricht high potential scholarship  Netherland University of Maastricht high potential scholarship and made available by the EU and scholarship Fund with the aim of encouraging talented students from outside the PDA to follow a Master’s programme at you and the scholarship in gluteal region is living expenses visa cost insurance.

Berkeley University scholarship program  the land that burger scholarship program offers a selected number of talented push button on CA students and the opportunity to resolve a scholarship to pursue a complete English taught masters degree program at Rydberg University in the Magan and the scholarship is not add amount of money that you will receive on your bank account that consists of partial tuition waivers and the tuition fee will be waived to the such as for Visa residence permit health insurance and liability insurance.

University of twente scholarships  Netherland University of 20 scholarships UTS scholarship for excellent students for from both eu/eea and non eu/eea countries applying for a graduate program MSc at the University of twente and scholarship amount is from the Euro 6000 Euro 25000 for one year.

University Excellence College  measured and its excellence scholarship of a number of outstanding prospective students and the opportunity to pursue a bachelor or master degree in a selected number of fields at HD selected students can be there was also that covers the tuition fees and 10000 Euro living expenses..

Erik Bleumink scholarship at University of Groningen (Netherlands)  the erik bleumink fund scholarships are usually awarded for any one or two a master’s degree program for a four-year master degree PhD programme officer at the University of groningen and they Grand covers the tuition fees plus the cost of international travel, subsistence books and health insurance.

Eth excellence scholarship Switzerland 8th Street supports accident students wishing to pursue a master's degree at 8th Bittu scholarship programs the excellence scholarship and opportunity program SOP and the masters scholarship program m s p scholarship consists of a grant covering living and studying expenses as well as a tuition fee waiver the masters scholarship program consists of a sleeping for living and study expenses as well as a tuition fee waiver

University of law Saini Masters Grand for foreign studies Switzerland University of loss of a scholarship to international students who wishes to pursue a master's degree at the University through the UNIL Masters grant the amount of the grant is CHF 1600 per month and 15th September to 15 July for a duration of exciting the regulation minimum Period of the program.

Lausanne University Global scholarship foreign student Sweden and their University Global scholarship program is targeted best students academically who are citizen of country and from outside the European union/european economic area and Bracket and Switzerland and who wish to pursue a bachelor or master's degree studies of a the University scholarship Mein cover 25% 50% 75% 100% of the tuition fee.

Eth Royal Institute of Technology tuition fee waiver Sweden a limited number of tuition fee waiver will be available for citizen from now to slash in a flash EST a countries required to pay tuition fees and who has applied for a Masters program at kth as first priority is granted scholarship the tuition fee will be waived for the total length of the program.

NS International selection scholarship Each year the ens organises an international selection allowing about 30 of the most promises International School student either a science or in human it is to follow a 2 or 3 year course at the CNS Scholars receive a monthly stipend of 1,000euro.

Emily Boutmy scholarship for international students at science for France science for created the Emily boutmy scholarship after the founder of science to in order to attract the very best international student from outside of the European and Emily boutmy Masters program can take different forms ranging from Europe 5002 Euro 16000 for two years of postgraduate study of euro 3000 to Duro 12343 years for undergraduate study.

IRO doctoral scholarship program night ke you live in Belgium as one of its contribute to Development Corporation K.U.Leuven inter faculty Council for Development Corporation scholarship to deserving students from developing country to do their PhD in the largest University in flanders Belgium and the scholarship include living allowance tuition feesHealth Insurance accident insurance and return tickets.

Asia Japanese Government scholarship Japan the Japanese government office politics in Japan to international students who wish to study at Japan University as undergraduate and Research student under the Japanese Government scholarship program in the scholarship covers allowance travel cost and school fees.

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship scheme Hong Kong established in 2009 by the Hong Kong research grant Council are GS the Hong Kong pastry Palace schemes in Stuart track outside student in the world to pursue the PhD degree program in the Hong Kong Institute the fellowship provides a monthly stipend and a conference and Research related travel allowance for your for a maximum period of three years.

Singapore International graduate award Singapore Singapore International graduate or are given to international student with excellent academic and a graduate and Masters results and strong interest in doing research leading to a doctor write PhD in Science and Engineering at Singapore university the award provides financial support for up to four years of PhD students including full tuition fees monthly different settlement allowance and their Grand.

Schwarzman Scholars program at tsinghua china the schwarzman Scholars program will give the world's best and brightest students from all the country and the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and professional network through a one year masters degree at tsinghua university in be giving one of the China's most prestigious University and scholarship covers tuition and fees room and board travel cost personal seep in health insurance.

Korean Government College in Korea Korean Government scholarship is designed to provide international students with the opportunity to conduct Advanced Studies at Higher education institute in Korea and to develop Global leaders and strength courier friendly network worldwide the scholarship cover tuition allowance travel airfare medical insurance,, etc.

University of Lausanne anastas Grand for foreign students which is from Switzerland University of Lausanne Switzerland offer scholarships to international students who wishes to pursue a master's degree at the University through the you and I am after the grand amount of the brand AC at as 1600 per month from September 15 September to 15 July for a duration not exceeding the regulation minimum Period of the program.

Some universities give financial aids.For example MIT, and some Ivy league colleges. You have to enroll there on there own website.

Best of luck!!!!!