Side Hustle

"A side hustle may sound a bit hard to accomplish sort of idea. Yes, you are right, it really depends on your luck and hard work but once established pays a huge amount of money which you as a student can invest in your studies and many other things such as your phone, toys, Netflix. If you follow our guide, there is no chance that you will not be able to make money online without spending much of your time in this. To know more, keep scrolling……."

1.Blogging -

This is especially for students who are good at creative writing, have a great idea to talk about endlessly, and most importantly have time.

How to start your own blog :-

1. Find a great niche for your blog ( Nature, Lifestyle, Motivation, Study, Money).
2. Design a rough layout of your website.
3. Use the link given below to buy your domain and further work on your website. - Bluehost -
4. After signing up and buying the best domain that suits you, you need to select a template according to your choice.
5. You are all set to go, just add your contents to it.

Work on a pre-build blog as an intern
1. Sign up on sites like Internshala( /link)
2. Fill up the form and marking all your skills.
3. Search for paid internships.
4. Work with some organization that will pay you monthly just for writing their blogs.

2. Youtube -

Who doesn’t know, what is youtube? This requires your time a lot, if you don’t devote your time to this, then you will reproach. If you are ready to work hard and have a great idea in your mind, then this is for you. How to start a youtube channel:

1. Find a niche you want to showcase(vlogging, tutoring, education, whiteboard animation).
2. Sign in on youtube.
3. Go to your channel and set up small details.
4. Create a video and upload it on your youtube channel.
5. Promote your videos on other social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Reddit.

3. Tutor-

This is for high school or college student who has knowledge and capability to explain a concept in an easy and effective way. There are many websites that provide this opportunity to students. The most prominent websites paying about $400 per month and more are - Studypool, Hashlearner, Oneclass, schoolsolver, and more. This is as simple as pie.

Just follow the given steps :

1. Go to any of the given sites and sign up as a tutor.
2. Follow the given steps on the website.
3. Solve few questions ( special tip- solve Questions using google docs and images)
4. Just be honest and help other students from now onwards.

4. Courses-

This is only for those who really have some extra skill which he/she can showcase and explain in a creative way. You need to be confident, fluent and should have the ability to face the camera. This is a passive way of earning money. It just requires a one-time investment of time. In this, you just need to select one site out of - Udemy, Coursera, SkillShare, etc.

1. Join the course builder challenge and follow the steps given.
2. Start by selecting the topic.
3. Prepare a mind map that will clarify your steps.
4. Now you are ready to go.
5. Start filming the videos and uploading on the selected site.

5. Freelancing-

This is for mostly everyone who has any of the following skills -

1. Content writer
2. Article writer
3. Blog writer
4. Video editor
5. Translator
6. Transcribe
7. Animation and effects editor
And more…

In this, you have to -

1. Create an account, after deciding your service on one or more freelancing websites such as -Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Translancer and other sites.
2. Upload any of your previous work as a proof.
3. Search for a job and get to work.

6. Digital Product

This is strictly for those who can do hard work for some time and want to enjoy earning passive income afterward.

In this, you need to follow the given steps:

1. Select a product you want to work on.
2. Customize your product on sites like Canva.
3. Upload and sell your product on sites like Gumroad, eBay, payhip, and more.
4. Earn passive income by promoting your product using google ads, youtube, Facebook.

7. Sell your notes or Books -

This is for everyone who has some written notes or pdf of books which can be helpful to other students. Sites - Stuvia, Notesgen, Studypool, Oneclass, Studoc.

This is simple:

1. Create an account on any of these sites.
2. Upload your document with a description and price.

8. Print-on-demand-

This is for those students who have a creative hand in art and quotations. You might be very familiar with this but you might have never thought that you can get your own ideas of clothes, mugs, bags, and masks.

Follow these steps, to make it possible:

1. Create an account on sites such as redbubble, amazon merchant, eBay and other POD sites.
2. Select the type of product, you want to work on.
3. Upload the image.
4. Promote your item on other sites like Instagram, Facebook, youtube and start your campaign.

9. Affiliate Marketing-

This is for those who have a pretty much large audience or has a group of thousands of people. It is the easiest thing a person can do, but, you cannot be sure that you will definitely earn money. There are people who earn millions using this and there are people who have not ever made a penny which this method. This is as simple as pie:

1. Go to any shopping website or gaming website, as nowadays mostly every website has its own affiliate program which you need to join.
2. Showcase them your audience and platform on which you will be promoting their product.
3. Search a product on sites like Clickbank, Nutriporofit.
4. Copy the hoplink, get it to shorten by sites like bits.
5. Paste the link in the description of anywhere you want to.

10. Podcast-

Can you speak? Yes, this is for you. This is easy to set up and start. Requirements- mic, PCs, audio editor, and good communication skills.

Follow to steps to dive into this:

1. Find a niche.
2. Write down the script of your topic.
3. Invite some influential person.
4. Record the conversation.
5. Edit the audio
6. Upload the audio on Spotify, iTunes, and other podcast sites.