Profile Build-UP

Profile Build-UP

Internships hold a very important part in one’s profile. The internship has a dual benefit :

● It increases your experience and skills to work on real-world projects. Moreover, it showcases your ability to work and adapt to the tough environment of colleges.

● If you are enrolled in a paid internship, you will get a stipend, which you can use for your own earning.

Where can you find an internship?

Well, you can find an internship on LinkedIn, Google, TATA Global, Microsoft Education, And especially your mentor can be a very good friend of yours, who can get you an internship.

Top internships available for High School students:-

MITACS Internship:

This is a very nice program which provides opportunities to an international student, especially Indian Students, to gain experience through Canadian Universities.

Eligibility:-This is for students in pre-college, bachelor’s, or Master’s courses.

Microsoft High School Internship:

In a student program at Microsoft High School, students will learn more about the world of computer science and programming. Microsoft internships are designed for STEM students (science, technology,engineering, and math), so if you were considering pursuing a degree in one of these fields, Microsoft is right for you.

EnergyMag performance:

Want to help make the world a better place? With EnergyMag training, open to high school students and colleges, you will gain work experience in the field of renewable energy. You will gain research and skills and work experience in half-time (2-8 weeks, 20 hours per week) or quarter-term (1-9 months, 8 hours per week)

PHC Group, LLC Mary Miller Summer Program:

High school seniors and new graduates can acquire leadership skills and explore independent interests through this paid training. Working under the direction of the director of public health, you will work on social media and community projects and research social trends

United Planet Virtual Internship:

United Planet is not a global cause to inspire a global community with a commitment. Students over the age of 16 can study in the fields of global health, environmental sustainability, children, and education. This opportunity will allow students to expand their understanding of different cultures worldwide while also expanding their network by working with like-minded student groups.

DOROT Summer Teen Internship Program

DOROT is a non-profit organization that aims to support older people with dedicated and meaningful support. The DOROT student training program allows students to learn about the different needs of older people while also actively participating in discussion groups that plan to improve the positive impact. As a result of the COVID-19, it is the first time that this amazing work has been offered remotely.

Special internship opportunities :

● Khanacademy
● Google Education
● Microsoft Education
● Idyia
● LinkedIn
● Apple
● Air Force Association