Profile Build-UP
° These plays major role in your college Application.

Start up:

(Makes team and guide them for start-up) (Future entrepreneurs)

Participate in volunteer activities:

(Organize our NGO events and offer them for volunteering)


(Join our NGO with some fees and start new one)

Member of Organization:

(add them in our organization{application form with fee) (give them some specific task according to their talent)


(start youtube channel)
(provide them our youtube channel course)

Write a book:

( make a community for book writing)


(Start a podcast and give them a option for podcast community)


Content writing:


(Start a podcast and give them a option for podcast community)Entrepreneurship students learn practice that successful entrepreneurs use to develop, test, and launch a business, all while gaining skills of problem solving, iteration, and collaboration, and help society to solve social problems.

Some tips help you to start your start-up:

1. Do it now: START your own business (In the field you’re interested!!!!)

2. Find your first mentors (A helper is needed to encouraged and empowered in personal development.)

3. Embrace failure (Failure leads to success!!!)

4. PUT yourself out there(Out from your comfort zone)

5. Get more and more knowledge and experience.

6. Recognize opportunities and pursue them.


Many students have great ideas and are highly motivated, but don’t know where to begin when it comes to stating their own business. With some time, research and a little help from mentor who are experienced, it is possible for any teenager to turn their great ideas, into a successful business

Different type of startups:

● Lifestyle Startups:

For example: Self-employed folks, blogging, photography, writing, teaching, cooking and training.

● Small Business Startups:

For example: Feeding the Family, Health care and Social Assistance, Accommodation, anddd food services, arts, entertainment, and recreation, personal trainers, site building and web design and pet sitting.

● Scalable Startups : like- Born to be big.

● Buyable Startups: like-Born to be bought.

● Large Company Startups: Like- Innovate or die

● Social Startups: Like- Mission which is different!!!!!.

These will show your leadership skills


Organisation which don’t have any government involvement are known as Non-Governmental organisation which helps to social problems.

● Join paid NGO.

● Start your own NGO.

For example: BINGO, CITS, CSO, DONGO, ENGO, GONGO, INGO, QUANGO, TANGO, GSO, MANGO, CHARDS, Operational NGO and Advocacy NGO (Here we will give our ngo link)

These will show your active in helping society

The NGOs can be classified into different types on basis of different factors like orientation and level of cooperation.

NGO type by orientation can be grouped into charitable orientation, Service orientation, Participatory orientation, and Empowering Orientation.

NGO type by level of cooperation can be divided into Community-based Organisation, City wide organisation, national NGOs and International NGOs.

The NON-government organizations form a heterogeneous group and it has a long list of organisation working in different areas with varied scope of work.

The other names of NGO are private voluntary Organizations, civil society, independent sector, self-help organizations, grassroots organizations, volunteer sector, trans-national social movement organizations, and not state actors(NSA’s)

Member Of Organization:

● Add yourself in some organization.

● Fill the application form with fee.

● They will give some specific task according to your talent.

Types of organisation.

● #1. Line or scalar organisation.

● #2. Functional organisation.

● #3. Line and staff Organisation.

● #4. Line, Staff and functional organisation.

● #5. Committee organisation.

There are four main types of membership, the first two for individuals and second two for organizations. Associate Members is non-voting, but as members, Associated can submit ideas & business plans participate in all initiative review and participate fully in all membership meetings and initiatives,

Many associations donate in social events and provide member volunteer support and participation as a group 10 networking opportunities. Perhaps the most important benefit of these associations is that they provide you with an excellent opportunity to network with other profession and entrepreneur in your field.

Member benefits gives a leading level web-based shopping experience backed by experienced benefits counselors who provide directions and assist to members during the insurance acquisition process and throughout the plan year as members use their coverage. Multiple health insurance carrier platforms.

National society of professional engineers and etc.

These will show how you can help to the society.


● Astronomy Club

● Create your own club.

● Art club

● Biology club

● Animation club

● Physics club

● Chemistry club

● Academic Decathlon


● Black Student Union


● start youtube channel.
● provide them our youtube channel course.
● To engage all the type of learners.
● To demonstrate lab and experiment.
● Talent expressions.

● Start a course
● Give information about some topics
● Explain something in a simple way
● Spread knowledge.

Write a book:

Writing about content material facilitate learning by consolidating information in long-term memory, given by Graham and his colleagues, describs a process known as the retrieval effect.Writing about a topic also encourages students to process information at a deeper level and impress the colleges.

These are some benefits of writing book:

● Nifty Note taking: Learning to pick out useful pieces of information from longer text
is a skill that can be used throughout
● Competent Critical Thinking.
● Reliable Research.
● Riveting Reflection.
● Impressive Influence.
While writing a book you should have enough knowledge about the topic. Research about the topic first, then get help with mentors and publish your book.This is only necessary when your writing about a topic not for novel, experience and story. And you can also write a book in solo(individual) and in a team.

For example:-
● You should write your own experiences.
● You should write about some topics which amazed you.
● You should write about what encourage you.
● Gain more knowledge of some topics and explain it in a simple way.
● You should write a novel.
● You should write a story.


A podcast is an episode series of spoken word audio file that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening.

How to start:-

● Planning: Choose a topic: pick a co-host
● Preparation: Create cover art: Get a professional intro
● Recording & Editing: Example: use Alitu and Garageband.
● Launch! Get a podcast host. Upload your First episode.
● Recommended step:Create a website..

Here, are some example of podcast: Life hacks,Revisionist history,, stuff you should know, encyclopedia womannica, ear hustle, etc.

● Teaching (If your master in some subject you can spread your knowledge by making courses,It will increase your leadership opportunities.)
● Content writing (Write content for website, blog and books.)
● App building(Build your own app, this will show your creativity)
● Research(If any topic sticks in your mind, amazed you everytime. Research on it and make research paper and publish it in a journal )


Research is defined as careful consideration of study a particular concern or problem using scientific methods

8 steps to write a research paper:

1.carry out research
2.choose good topic
3.write down notes
4.brainstorm the outline
5.write prospectus and outline
6.write good introduction
7.write proper body
8.Give good conclusion

● When your writing a Research paper. You should start by Thinking about journals
● first publishing an article in a journal must remember this
● The final sentence explains the major implications of your work.
● Research articles are short ,concise, carefully formatted packages of content
● Think about your audience.
● Journal editors.
● Peer reviewers
● Other scientists and academics
● The public, practitioners, policymakers

You can write research paper by yourself or in a team.

Remember: Research is so big process you have to keep patience!!! You can get information of research paper on internet, wikipedia but it is not in that form what you needed :( The main source for finding information regarding your research is Google scholar. This is the platform where you get perfect information about a particular topics And also check if anybody submitted a research with similar topic helps you to clarify more about the selected topics. There are so many competition held all over the world. 1 million people participate in a year. Your Research paper should be interesting.